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Who Are We?

We are Tulips, we help anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer in the TRNC.

Tulips is officially known as Kanser Hastalarına Yardım Derneği and Help Those With Cancer Association.


The association was established on 26th May 1993.

Why Tulips Was Set Up

Founder and chairperson, Raziye Kocaismail, herself was diagnosed with cancer in 1991.


Raziye had to go to UK for treatment and leave her family behind at a time when she most needed the support of her loved ones.

raziye 4.jpg

Founder and chairperson, Raziye Kocaismai

Against all odds Raziye Kocaismail survived, on returning to the TRNC she was determined that no other TRNC citizen must endure leaving their home country to have treatment and only if they could afford it.


The government’s belief was that if you had cancer you would die and saw no reason to finance cancer treatment.

In 1993 the word cancer was considered a death sentence to most people whilst in reality we all know it is not.


The one thing that Raziye Kocaismail wanted was for TRNC citizens to become aware of cancer and talk about it without the fear it used to have.  Raziye believes that the association has achieved this with all the hard work that it has put in over the years.

Who We Help

We are here to provide information, physical and emotional support to all cancer patients in the TRNC.

How We Help

We provide practical and emotional support to patients with cancer during and after their treatment for as long as it takes.

We take the stress out of making appointments, collecting drugs, arranging treatment etc

How We Are Funded

We are a Turkish Cypriot registered non-governmental, non-profit making association aimed at helping people affected by cancer in the TRNC.

All of the services we provide are financed by your donations only.

We currently need a minimum of 737,000 TL per month - which is why we need your help

Tulips represents the TRNC worldwide

world wide

Tulips is the only TRNC representative of the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC), European Cancer Patient Coalition (ECPC), Middle East Cancer Consortium (MECC).


It is an honour and a privilege to be able to represent our country and bring new worldwide information to our government on how we can globally fight cancer.

We have become more educated in treating cancer patients, we have been able to put into practice cancer preventative programmes and we continue to fight for the rights of all cancer patients in the TRNC.

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