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The Mane Event Results

Monday night (28.06.21) The Roadhouse was the venue, 7pm was the time ... okay we ran to local time and started at 8pm!

We had 3 volunteers who were all willing to have their hair cut for Tulips but no one knew how much each was having chopped off until it happened.

Helen Karayman, Irmak Refikoglu and Jaap Geense were all going for the chop and the audience had to guess approximately how much each was having cut off.

Whilst the hair cutting was going on, Stan our Tulips quizmaster ran a small but fun music quiz plus a raffle.

What surprised everyone was that the only man, Jaap, was not the volunteer who was having all his hair cut off but Helen followed by Helen’s daughter having ‘most’ of hair removed as did Jaap.

The cutting bug was now working its way around the room as Deniz, Helen’s 6 yr old son decided that he needed a hair cut like his mum followed by Ayse Boydas who had most of her hair cut off and ended up with a brand new hairstyle as well!

This is what Tulips gained from all the hair cuts: Helen = 52cm, Jaap = 42cm, Irmak = 32cm, Ayse = 40cm and Deniz = well not a lot, he just wanted to take part!!

The evening was finished off by Ahmet donating 110TL to have his beard trimmed!

Thank you so much to everyone who took part, to those that donated prizes, to the audience who were so encouraging to all the donors, to the Roadhouse and without a doubt to Filiz our lovely hairdresser who did it all for free (well it actually cost a G&T!).

The evening raised the total sum of 2,210TL which shows how generous the 16 strong audience was, thank you all you are all stars!

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