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Pink Wild Goose Chase Results 03.10.21

Sunday morning down at The Black Olive, teams started to arrive from 10.30am in readiness for the Pink Wild Goose Chase. By 10.45am we were sending them on their way to walk around the Alsancak area looking for answers to the 54 questions they were given plus the 6 items each team had to find.

Just over an hour later they were starting to return with their answers and desperate for their lunch!

There was 60 points to win on the walk are the winners:

1st place: 2 Short Planks - Steve Gittins and Steve Foster - with 53 points

2nd place: Nigel and Paul Woollaston-Evans with 50 points

3rd place: Karsiyaka Babes - Ann Deveau, Paul Wells and Julie Anderson - with 47 points

Everyone commented that they enjoyed this and would easily take part in another and this is down to Richard Currie and Bill Clark who did an amazing job of putting this walk together so huge thanks to these 2 gentlemen.

Our thanks go to Creditwest who sponsored this event and who continue to support Tulips and we are forever grateful. In addition to sponsoring this event 8 members of the Creditwest staff also took place, thank you to you all.

Last but not least thank you to the Black Olive for hosting the event and to everyone who took part, without you this event would not have been as successful as it was.

With money from the Creditwest sponsorship, entrance fees, raffle ticket sales and sales of pink month t-shirts and masks an incredible 8,000TL was raised!

On behalf of our cancer patients, thank you to everyone who participated.

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