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Lancashire Tea Won!

What a fabulous morning we had at the Olive Press this morning with the Battle of the Roses tea!

Firstly, we have quite a few thank you's to say:

Thank you to the Olive Press for hosting and helping organise the event.

Thank you to all the bakers. The response to our call out for bakers was huge (so much so that the remainder of the cakes will be on our Lambousa stall tomorrow).

Thank you to all the supporters, we had 81 of you who came through the door to support the event.

Thank you to all the volunteers, you were all amazing.

The results of the Lancashire vs Yorkshire Tea was ........ Lancashire Tea won by 3 votes!

A - Lancashire

B - Yorkshire

You all raised a magnificent 24,670TL plus £5!!!

Incredible amount, thank you ALL once again

PS there are 2 prizes to be claimed that did not have a name in the ticket. They are at the Olive Press. Both were orange tickets numbers 608 and 712. If either of these are yours please pop along to the Olive Press to collect them

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