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Hawaiian Beach Party Results 06.10.2021

Where to start?

Driftwood shone with great food, great service and amazing staff they even had time to enjoy themselves demonstrating some traditional Turkish dancing. Thank you Yusuf, Bridget and all the Driftwood team it was a great experience working with you all at the first ever event of Tulips in your restaurant and hope to do it again in the future.

DJ Yuliyan, you were an absolute star stepping in at the last minute for Tulips. You did an incredible job keeping the dance floor full all night and can’t wait to run another event with you.

The Tulips team of volunteers (Vanessa, Linda and Paula), thank you to each of you as you worked your socks off all night for Tulips with amazing results and to our sponsors who provided some great prizes (including Driftwood).

Our greatest thanks have to go to everyone who supported this event, you were all the stars of the night. You joined in the beach games, you sang your hearts out and you danced the night away, it was an absolute delight seeing so many of you enjoying yourselves. Without you there would not have been an event so on behalf of Tulips we thank you for supporting Pink October 2021.

An amazing 6,550TL was raised!!!

Huge thanks to everyone involved.

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