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Chilly Dippers New Years Eve Results

Well, we finally got there and met up for our annual announcement of monies raised for the Chilly Dippers New Years Eve Swim.

We all met at Driftwood (the old Cabin) last night 30.06.21) for a celebration and to announce how much was raised in total.

Our thanks go particularly to Jackie Pennington who organises this every year for Tulips. We would also like to thank everyone who took part, sadly some were not able to attend due to commitments and being in the UK plus all the sponsors.

The total raised was a fantastic 15,717.05TL!!

A stunning amount.

Thank you to Driftwood for allowing us to have our presentation on your premises, we will be having our next new years eve swim there!

If you want to be a Chilly Dipper then to sign up for this year's 'New Years eve swim' please send us a message and we will contact you as the arrangements are confirmed.

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