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Your Business Can Help

Restaurant Campaign

The ‘You Give, We Give’ campaign has already proved successful.


We are now launching into other restaurants willing to work with Tulips.

A stand up card will be produced to sit on your tables explaining the campaign should the customers choose not to participate, you will simply deduct it from their bill.

A restaurant may wish to only charge the customer and not match the donation of 2.50TL, this is fine

Image by Dan Gold
Image by Anmol Seth

Hotel Campaign

This campaign asks hoteliers to add a voluntary amount to their guest’s bill of only 10TL.

A card will be produced and placed in each bedroom of the participating hotel explaining the campaign.


However if the customer chooses not to participate then you will simply deduct it from their bill.

Regular Donations

We welcome any business who would like to make a regular donation to Tulips.


Regular donations are enormously beneficial to Tulips for financial planning.


This can be made monthly or 3 monthly, whichever suits you the best.

Please click the button below to call us so that we can give you guidance as to how you can help us to help others.

Business Team
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