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Helping Those With Cancer Association. 

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Support & Information for Cancer Patients & Their Families


A cancer diagnosis can turn your world upside down

- Tulips is here to help you

How we can help?

Life changes immediately after hearing the words; you have cancer. Initially it is the only thing on your mind and you can think of little else.

This will be one of the hardest battles you will encounter and our expat cancer support team will assist you every step of the way through your cancer treatment.

We are here to help everyone with cancer irrespective of your nationality.


We're waiting for your call

Whatever you're going through.

Tulips will face it with you.

RING: 0548 870 2276

Help Just For You

Everyone reacts differently when diagnosed with cancer. This new diagnosis can stir up a range of emotions .


You may feel shock, numbness and anger. It can be hard to believe. You will have questions like ‘why me?

We support all kinds of cancer and provide practical and emotional support to the patient and their families during cancer treatment and after the treatment period.

Our Tulips support team are on hand to help you. We understand what you are going through.

Support & Information

Firstly you will have many questions about what is available in the TRNC?  How to organise your treatment?


Can I get a second opinion? How will I organise all my tests?


What costs are involved? To name but a few.

We can help answer all of these so that any decision you make about when and where you will have your treatment will be an informed decision based on the facts given to you.

Financial Worries?

This is always a concern in the TRNC, unless you are a citizen of this country you will have to pay for all of your treatment which can be quite costly.

Speak to our expat support worker who will help guide you through the approximate costs you will incur.

Hope Shines Through

Having cancer doesn’t mean you have to lose hope with treatment and the outlook of many cancers constantly improving.

Hope is the belief that a positive outcome lies ahead. This belief can be difficult to hold onto in the face of cancer however by holding onto this sense of hope you can help yourself face cancer with strength and confidence, hope can help ease overwhelming doubts and fears.

Attitude affects everything.

Make hope a way of life.


Fund Raising

Helping Us to Help Them

As a non-profit non-governmental organisation raising money never ends.


Fundraising is the core part of our charity; we rely on your generosity. 


Without your support we simply cannot survive nor can we help as many cancer patients as we do.

Currently (March 2024) our monthly commitments require a minimum of 737,000TL so we cannot sit back on our laurels once we have completed an event we have to continuously look forward due to the amount of people we have to help. We are helping some 1,800 patients at any one time and receive approx 700 new patients per year.

Fundraising is not just a means of raising money but also a way to raise awareness of the charity and its goals.


We are constantly looking for new donors whilst trying to keep the ones we have in addition to this we are always on the lookout for new events and new ideas to raise funds.

If you have an idea for an event or wish to run one in aid of Tulips then please click below

You Can Help Us

Make A Difference

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