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Tulips Chocolate Cook-Off Results

Wow!!! Wow!!!

What can we say another fantastic fundraising day for Tulips at our ‘Chocolate Cook-Off’.

Many thanks to our 14 fantastic entrants, your hardwork and dedication are very much appreciated.

Thank you to Dagli Sigorta for sponsoring the event this was so important to help cover the costs which are now so expensive especially the printing!

Thank you very much to Team Driftwood for once again supporting Tulips and hosting the event.

Thank you to Martyn Warren and Stuart for being our official Tulips photographers of the day. We have many fabulous photos from all sources so we will post them all!

Thank you to all our Tulips volunteers for once again giving up their day to make sure everything ran well.

A HUGE thank you to everyone who came along to support Tulips and kindly donated on the day.

Lastly, thank you to all the ‘willing victims’ for taking part in the fun Chocolate Challenges

The winners:

1st Place – Carole Widdison – Double Chocolate Malteser Mousse

2nd Place – Linda McLaughlin – Chocolate Kebabs/Choco Pick N Mix

3rd Place – Jo Mark – Delectable Delicious Boozy Amaretto Fudge

So, how much did you all raise?????????

An amazing 23,680TL plus 10 Euros

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