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Stan's Quiz Results @The Black Olive

Stan's Quiz @ The Black Olive Results 16.04.2021

Wow, a night out! I think most of us have forgotten what that is about however our first fundraising 'evening' of 2021 was an excellent start for Tulips.

Our thanks go to the lovely Stan for all his hard work in putting a fantastic quiz together, to The Black Olive and staff for the lovely food and wonderful service and of course to each and every one of you who attended and parted with your hard earned cash.

We were aiming to purchase 10 ripple mattress toppers for our cancer patients over the next couple of events however due to the generosity of everyone last night we managed to raise enough money from the Black Olive food donations, raffle and sale of Tulips face masks (with extra donations) to be able to purchase 8!!

This is an amazing result and what a fabulous way to start our 2021 fundraising.

On behalf of our cancer patient thank you so much to everyone for helping raise 2080TL.

PS the photographer of the night was too busy trying to work out the anagrams as such forgot to take any photographs until everyone was leaving so apologies for all those that I missed!!

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